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AFM ’11: First Look at Antonia Thomas in ‘Rearview’!


It was announced last week that Antonia Thomas, a rising TV star whose resume boasts the first season of cult British small screeen hit “Misfits”, has signed to star in Rearview, writer-director Avril E Russell’s feature debut.

Thomas stars alongside Jamie Sives, Jay Simpson and James Floyd in the British indie psychological road thriller that “follows Nicky, a young woman travelling alone to meet her band mates – through the back roads of the British countryside – who escapes the clutches of a dangerous stranger. Her road trip soon turns from bad to worse as she finds herself running for her life as she attempts to escape a serial killer and the hordes of predatory locals in the area known as “The Highway of Tears”.

Micro-budgeted Rearview is produced by Stella Nwimo for Northpoint Pictures and has financing from the U.K.’s Premier Pictures. Rearview





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