Back-to-Back Sequels to ‘ ‘Monster Man’?!

Sure you’ve got to have a specific taste to truly enjoy Michael Davis’ (interview) Monster Man (review), which hit DVD this past week- but either way gore hounds should be screaming with joy with the announcement of a sequel tonight. With a new director attached and back-to-back sequels planned, you can probably count on less laughs and more gore. You’ll find the full story inside…
Fangoria writes:

“LEATHERFACE helmer Jeff Burr will co-write and direct two back-to-back MONSTER MAN sequels for Dream Entertainment and Lions Gate, FANGORIA has learned. MONSTER MAN 2 and 3 will shoot in LA in early 2005; the first film, written and directed by Michael Davis, was released to video by Lions Gate this fall. “It’s in the real early stages, but I’m very exciting about doing them,” Burr tells Fango. “Brian Muir and I are scripting them; he did production rewrites on RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4 and 5, as well as the American scripts for the U.S. releases of at least five Jet Li movies. The approach on the MONSTER MAN sequels is basically to maintain the sense of fun of the first, and push the horror in a slightly different direction. If the first one was comedy laced with a little horror, ours will be horror laced with a little comedy.

“Lions Gate had seen STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, and that’s why I was brought onto this project,” he continues. DARKNESS, which Burr wrote and directed, is “a very atypical war movie” that has been winning praise at festivals. “It has been called Mario Bava doing THE THIN RED LINE,” Burr says. “It’s a WWII movie, but it’s really not; Fango audiences will really get into it. That will be coming out theatrically in 2005; we’re in negotiations with several distributors right now.”

Source: Fangoria