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More Celebrities Need Celebrity Blood in ‘Antiviral’

It was announced the other say that David Cronenberg’s son would be taking the helm on Antiviral, a bizarre celebrity thriller that would star Caleb Landry Jones (Byzantium, X-Men: First Class, The Last Exorcism).

THR reports that Brandon Cronenberg will be shooting in Toronto and Hamilton from November 7 to December 11, and also stars Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell, Douglas Smith, Matt Watts and James Cade.

The Canadian indie, written by Cronenberg, echoes his father’s more outrageous earlier sci-fi flicks by portraying an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans.

The story revolves around a salesman (Jones) for a clinic that replicates celebrity diseases for public consumption. He becomes obsessed with a celebrity and injects himself with her disease, then must figure out how to cure it before time runs out. Pictured:Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon



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