New Director to Exorcise Hammer Films' 'Quiet Ones', Nicolas Cage Offered Lead... - Bloody Disgusting!

New Director to Exorcise Hammer Films’ ‘Quiet Ones’, Nicolas Cage Offered Lead…

Bloody Disgusting is receiving exclusive Intel that John Pogue – who made his directorial debut on Sony’s direct-to-disc Quarantine 2: Terminal – is now set to direct Hammer Films’ The Quiet Ones for Exclusive Media Group.

Also penned by Pogue, the film is based on a supposedly true story about a team of Cambridge academics in the 1970’s who record their investigation as they attempt to exorcise a poltergeist from a young girl.

We’re also being told that as offer has been made to Nicolas Cage for the lead role of “Joseph”, leader of a project known as “Gesit” (a German word for mind, spirit, or ghost, covering the semantic field of these three English nouns). Antti Jokinen was originally attached to direct.