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AFM ’11: Get a Taste of Family ‘Greed’


First announced last AFM was the French psychological thriller from director Eric Guirdo (The Grocer’s Son) entitled Greed. Said to be based on tragic events that made major headlines back in 2003, we got our hands on the official sales art and imagery for the flick starring Jérémie Renier (Brotherhood of the Wolf), Julie Depardieu , Alexandra Lamy, and Lucien Jean-Baptiste.

Bruno and Maryline are dreaming of a better life. The couple move to a small town nestled in the breathtaking French Alps where they are greeted by their landlord Patrick and his beautiful wife Gladys.

Because their home is not yet ready, Patrick puts them up in another house – but what begins as temporary housing soon turns into a series of moves from one place to the next, until Bruno and his family end up in a hotel, still waiting for their home. As their bitterness and anger builds up, so does intense jealousy over their landlords’ wealth, happiness and success-culminating in a bloody outcome. Greed




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