More Exclusive News from the Set of ‘Land of the Dead’

Well we busted out some of the first ever images from the set of George Romero’s Land of the Dead, so why not read about it? Sean, who supplied the images, wrote us back with a little story on what we’re all missing out on. Read on for the scoop. In Romero’s new pic, the zombies having taken over the world and those left alive are confined to a walled-in city that keeps out the corpse corps. Anarchy rules the streets, with the wealthy insulated and living in fortified skyscrapers. Drama revolves around a group of scavengers who must thwart an attempt to overthrow the city while the dead are evolving from brainless slow-moving creatures into more advanced creatures.
“Here’s what I saw last night was what looked like Road Warriors driving
through town. Three stunt people blasted through town on motorcycles, they
were dressed like the drifters in Dawn. They all carried machine guns.

Later they re-shot the same scene and added a station wagon from hell with
about 5 more drifters. They were armed to the teeth with M60 machine guns
attached to the sides and a huge M80 on the back.

Finally before I took off they shot the same scene but they got to shoot
some zombies. They are your average zombies, they haven’t evolved or
anything. One was a cheerleader (full outfit, she looked damn cold), they
just shuffled around and got shot down by the drifters. Up the street I
heard they had some more wrecked cars, couldn’t get up there.

I really wish they’d let me take pictures of them but cameras were forbidden
when they started filming. They didn’t care during the day. They’re filming
for 3 more days.”


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