Finally Someone Grows Some Balls and Sues the MPAA!!

Come on everyone, let’s say it together, F— the MPAA! So I’m sitting at work reading this weeks Entertainment Weekly, which sports Mel Gibson on the cover, and inside I find an interesting article on ‘Team America.’ As I read, I come across a shocking surprise- once Trey Parker and Matt Stone finish the next run of ‘South Park’ episodes, they are raging a full blown war on the MPAA! Although nothing has been filed just yet, they claim that the operation being run by the MPAA is ridiculous and out of hand- claiming that studios can “negotiate” their ratings while independent films are SOL- among other things. My favorite claim is how the MPAA had ‘Team America’ sent home with some random woman to rate it- basically putting the entire films future in her hands. Check out the article at newsstands now, not only is it hilarious, but it makes a tear come to my eye. Good luck on your mission boys, don’t let us horror fans down!