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TV: ‘True Blood’ Gains a Mother Wolf, Reflection on Coverage



True Blood

Once I begin covering something, it’s nearly impossible for me to stop (see Twilight, although I believe I have officially left that in the dust). Such the case with “True Blood,” HBO’s supernatural show that mixes vampires with werwolves, shape-shifters and witches. Sounds cool, no? Well, it was. In fact, it was once of my favorite ongoing series until the writers literally spit in the face of their supporters with season four. Instead of continuing to write for the horror crowd that made the show popular, they turned it into a shirtless ab-fest for girls to feel a tickle to. Even though I’ve already declared the show as dead, I’m curious to see if they take any of the criticism to heart with season five. Although I doubt it.

Anyhoo, coverage, yes, it’ll continue until it becomes hatred as pure as Twilight (most of you guys really, truly, absolutely hate that franchise with venomous rage!)

TV Line reports today that “True Blood” is introducing the woman who gave life to late werewolf packmaster Marcus. “My Name is Earl” character actress Dale Dickey (pictured below) is joining the HBO hit as Annie, Marcus’ werewolf mother. Powerful and respected within the pack due to her late son’s position, Annie is determined to perform a particular ritual.

Hopefully the ritual is to get Marcus to wear a shirt. Dale Dickey


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