A HUGE ‘Godzilla’ Update

When I got email from Mr. D. showing me all of this Godzilla information I almost fell out of my chair. I mean there was so much information about Godzilla that I seriously had to take a couple of minutes to absorb it all in. Everything from tribute CD’s, Christmas Float to even the Title Credits was included. Now being the Godzilla fan I am this is just huge! So if you are a fan like me, then you are going to love to read all the information inside!
Lets jump right in as to what is going on with Godzilla:

Tribute CD:

CD Japan and various Japanese news sites are listing an upcoming tribute CD to Godzilla and Godzilla Final Wars featuring various American and Japanese musical acts including Sum41, Hoobastank, Zebrahead, 10 Feet, Felix Da Housecat, Stereolab, Tatsuo Sunaga, Low IQ 01 and others. Sum41 and Zebrehead have already been mention and this looks to be a separate album from the film’s soundtrack which is rumored to being produced by Keith Emerson. More information
when available.

Title Credits:

Godzilla Final Wars’ title credits will be done by Kyle Cooper. He has
produced many famous titles including those of 7even, Spider-Man 1 & 2, and Mission Impossible.

See Some Footage – Part I:

Apparently some finished footage from GFW will be previewed October 28th opening day of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). Also, Rialto’s film print of the original Godzilla will play at TIFF as well.

For The Japan Readers:

For our visitors in Japan, Family Mart is promoting Godzilla Final Wars by giving you a chance to win a set of reproduction posters from all 28 Godzilla films including GFW. Secondary prizes are pre-paid GFW phone cards.

History Comes Crashing Down:

Yomiuri Online reports on Toho tearing down the famous pool used in so many Godzilla films and Toho productions. Look for a full story on the history of the pool on Henshin! Online sometime soon.

Godzilla will be honored on the Walk of Fame!:

It was announced in Japan today that Godzilla will receive his own star on Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame on November 29th which is the same day Godzilla Final Wars premieres. Godzilla celebrates his 50th birthday November 4th and this is a great tribute for his fans in the U.S. and around the world. Go Go Godzilla!

Godzilla Turns 50!:

(Los Angeles) – Exactly 50 years after the release of the original Godzilla film by Toho Co., Ltd. in Japan, Toho announces the special 50th anniversary celebration for King of the Monsters with 2 events taking place November 28-29, 2004, including a special Godzilla float at the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the world premiere of his latest film Godzilla Final Wars at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

We’re so pleased to be able to commemorate the anniversary of this star
of 28 films and huge cult-figure by having these special celebrations in Hollywood, the place where he began to ascend to international stardom; states Shogo Tomiyama, Producer of Godzilla Final Wars.

See Some Footage – Part II

On the evening of Monday November 29th, Toho Co., Ltd. will host the world premiere of Godzilla Final Wars at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, where Godzilla will walk the red carpet, joined by the film’s young director Ryuhei Kitamura. Filmed in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo, Godzilla Final Wars will mark the last great battle between Godzilla and numerous monsters who simultaneously attack cities around the world. This film will be especially important to Godzilla fans worldwide since it is scheduled to be the last Godzilla film, and is something fans will not want to miss, adds Tomiyama. Educated in cinematography in Australia, Ryuhei Kitamura\’s credits include several action and martial arts films, including such internationally acclaimed films as Versus, Azumi and Sky High.

Godzilla Float:

Toho Co., Ltd. will also sponsor the Godzilla Float at the highly-anticipated Hollywood Christmas Parade, which takes place on Sunday November 28th along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards at 5:00 p.m., where Godzilla will be making a special appearance among numerous high-profile celebrities, including Magic Johnson who will be the
Parade’s Grand Marshall. The float (28 feet long; 12 feet wide; 14 feet tall) will depict Godzilla towering over a cityscape and venting from his mouth with the Godzilla Final Wars sign in the front of the float and the 50th anniversary logo on the sides.

Source: Monster Zero