First Special Effects Seen on ‘Land of the Dead’ Set!

Sure we were all excited to get a few pics of Romero on the set of his fourth zombie flick Land of the Dead courtesy of Sean from the Resident Evil Survivor Guide- but what we all really want to know is how the special effects look, since it won’t be CG madness. Inside Sean writes in from his second day on the set, where he saw something that made my squeeze out a huge smile…
Sean writes:

I was on the set again last night. Didn’t get there as early as I would’ve
liked, but what I saw was them shooting a scene where they shot up a store
front. Normally it’s an art gallery, but for the movie they changed it to a
flower shop. I think the location in the movie is called Uniontown. About 4
times in a row they shot up the store window.

Later they set up for another shot with a large black zombie, standing in
front of the storefront holding a severed head. From a distance it looked
kind of cheesy, but when I got closer it was really a work of art. Fully
operational eyes, mouth and facial movements. The head looked at the zombie
and did the usual zombie groan, the large zombie holding the head returned
the glance. Looked up at a light then lowered the head.

I have no idea what that has to do with the movie but the girl I talked to
said it’s supposed to be a hotel. Dennis Hopper was supposed to have been on
set tonight, I saw what looked like his stunt double riding one of the
motorcycles last night.

Tonight is the last night of filming before they move the shoot to
Scarborough. They’re at the same location till around 5, and then they’re
moving. Going to see if I can find out where exactly.

No photos, they had a huge light set up over head and tons of crew spread
around watching for cameras. Plus they wouldn’t let you cross the street
where the Dead Reckoning was parked. I heard that they had it rolling
through town earlier around 5:00 and had it parked in front of the gas
station from the other day.

The set was open for people to come and watch. You had to stay across the
street from the camera. Keep quiet, but you could check out what was going
on. During the day when they weren’t shooting you could walk along the
street and check out the sets (excluding the lot where DR is parked), the
stores were all open. But after 5 the road was closed along with all the

I asked about extras and how one might get in to be a zombie or a human
extra. They said you need an agent and they wouldn’t let any one just walk
off the street be in the movie.

Source: Sean- check out his sweet game site!