‘Boogeyman’ Trailer Pops Up Online!

There is one thing I love about our forums and that is most the people there bring their A-Game when it comes to horror. They told us about the Alien Vs. Predator trailer and about The Devil’s Rejects site going live. Well now they have done it again by pointing us to the new trailer for Boogeyman. Inside you can find the link.
The Raven tells you what’s up:

You can find the trailer for target=”new”>Boogeyman here. Set in Pennsylvania, the story tells the haunting tale of a young man traumatized by memories of terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom and who, years later, reluctantly returns home to face his fears of a monstrous entity that could be real or merely a figment of his imagination. The movie stars Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Lucy Lawless, Tory Mussett, Charles Mesure, Philip Gordon, Louise Wallace, Robyn Malcolm, Michael Saccente and Lee Foreman. It is set to open sometime in 2005.

Source: Yahoo! Movies, deadmanwalkin