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Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords of Salem’ STILL Casting

With shooting already wrapped in Salem, Massachusetts, you’d think writer-director Rob Zombie would have his full cast locked in for The Lords of Salem. Nope. The shock rocker-turned-filmmaker reveals that child star Brandon Cruz has joined the massive cast as “Ted Delta”, a local Salem drug counselor. Shooting continues in Los Angeles.

Brandon was a staple of 70’s TV appearing in such shows as “The Incredible Hulk”, “Police Story”, “Kung Fu”, “Gunsmoke” and of course as Eddie alongside Bill Bixby on the hit show “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”. Add to that a starring turn in the 1976 smash film The Bad News Bears. During is absence from acting Brandon has focused on music, heading the punk band Dr. Know during the 80’s and more recently replacing Jello Biafra in the legendary band The Dead Kennedys.

The story is about a local DJ who mistakenly unleashes a hellish curse on the town. 300 years earlier on the very streets of Salem that the townspeople walk on today, innocent folks were rounded up from their homes, convicted of being witches and sentenced to death. The Lords of Salem ran the town with an iron fist, but four witches who were tortured and killed in secrecy vowed that one day they would be back for revenge. The Lords of Salem



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