‘Invisible’ Nearly Sweeps Screamfest LA Awards!

The ultra kick-ass amazing stupendous Swedish film Invisible (review) kicked ass tonight at LA’s Screamfest here in California. The film is so good in fact that Spyglass is remaking the film here in the US. If you read on, you can see a list of all the winners from the festival which is being called “the Sundance of Horror.” The awards were designed by part owner of the fest and FX genius Stan Winston!

Best Editing:

Best FX (in two categories):
Cube: Zero (review)

Best Leading Actor:

Best Leading Actress:

Best Documentary:
H. H. Holmes (review)

Best Animated Short:
Day of the Dead

Best Student Horror Short:
The Taking

Best Score:
Drowning Ghost

Best Cinemotography:

Best Short Screenplay:
Lock Up

Best Screenplay:

Best Director:
Drowing Ghost

Best Picture:

Surprise Career Acheivment award:
Stan Winston

Reviews from other films coming soon!

Source: Screamfest LA