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‘Prometheus’ to Carry Recognizable Creatures


All of the secrecy behind Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is getting a bit annoying, considering the entire plot leaked online months ago, and that it’s already been confirmed by multiple cast members that it’s got the DNA of Scott’s 1979 breakthrough Alien. Still, every interview consists of annoying “we can’t talk about it”-type responses…even though a series of new images (and the synopsis) confirm everything known for months.

Adding some blurbs with the new batch of imagery, EW talked with the cast and got yet another one of the Prometheus crew to confirm the connection. “There’s definitely a link to ‘Alien’,” claims Michael Fassbender before adding, “There’s creatures in it that you’ll recognize.

But other cast members, like Charlize Theron, are annoyingly playing coy. Says the actress, “I think people should really let go of the idea that it’s an ‘Alien’ film.

Here’s an idea, get your press team to meet with the entire cast and crew and decide what can and can’t be revealed. All of this back and forth is getting annoying, especially when they aren’t fooling anyone. And just for the f-ck of it, here’s the entire plot crunch just as big middle finger to people like Theron. Read it if you dare.

All of the answers will eventually be revealed on June 8. Prometheus is probably my number one most anticipated film of 2012. What’s yours?



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