‘Puppetmaster vs Demonic Toys’ Announces Premiere Date!

The once dead project is finally setting its sites on your television. This Sci-Fi Channel feature will pit the Puppetmaster dolls against the dreaded Demonic Toys from the Full Moon series’. Read on for details…
Fangoria reports that, “The Sci Fi Channel has announced that it will premiere PUPPETMASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS, the long-awaited matchup of the deadly playthings, on Saturday, December 18 at 9 p.m. Corey (BORDELLO OF BLOOD) Feldman stars as Robert Toulon, great-nephew of original puppetmaster Andre Toulon, who brings the puppets back to life with the help of his daughter Alex (SABRETOOTH?s Vanessa Angel). They are soon pursued by a mysterious toymaking syndicate that seeks the Toulons? reanimation formula in order to turn their line of dolls into vicious killers on Christmas Eve. Directed by Ted (SUBSPECIES) Nicolaou from a script by Courtney Joyner and Nicolaou, the movie will be rebroadcast at 1 a.m. that night and then on Thursday, December 23 at 9 p.m”

Source: Sci Fi Channel, Fangoria
  • Elizabeth Chisum

    HMMMM? On X-mas eve huh???… I sure hope to see the puppets again on sci -fi.