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Alice Drives a Rolls-Royce Into ‘Retribution’ Action Sequence

So far there are no new images or videos (although I’m sure there are about 80 planned) as Milla Jovovich teases a potentially huge sequence from Resident Evil: Retribution, which continued filming through Thanksgiving.

Well it’s been crazy 2day here at “camp evil”! Lots of stunts and explodications (that’s what we call them! Lol!) but no vids that don’t give too much away. Plus we’re in a car all day, so it’s been busy n cramped,” she jokes before getting a bit more serious. “…2day we’re still in the middle of the Rolls Royce chase sequence, so lots of explosions, glass shattering n running from zombies. It’s a pretty closed set, so I don’t know if I’ll b able 2 send any vids, but I’ll let u know when sumthing interesting happens!

Sounds like there’s plenty “interesting” going on already!

In theaters September 14 from director Paul W.S. Anderson, Johann Urb plays the leader of the Resistance, who teams with Jovovich’s Alice character as she battles the Umbrella Corporation and the swarm of undead.



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