Toxic Avenger Gets Mini-Sized

Ok, so Shocker Toys sent us an email and they finally included a picture of their toy. With Christmas apparently being right around the corner, at least according to all the retail stores, this might be a nice little buy for the little one in your family. Inside you can check out a picture of the figure.
Shocker Toys reports,

Buffalo, NY (Oct 24th, 2004) – Shocker Toys is excited to show the first prototypes from their newly acquired Toxic Avenger license. Toxie will make his Shockini debut as part of a new sub-collection called MUTANT MANIA! Coming out of a collaborative effort with various film companies, Paul Nomad of and our own staff of monster makers, Mutant Mania will include familiar monsters and original creations. These mini terrors will feature detailed sculpts with cutting edge articulation while continuing in the Shockini format of interactive parts for maximum play.

Scheduled to be in stores in February 2005, Mutant Mania will include monsters and mutants from the big screen, starting with Toxic Avenger from Troma Films. The Toxie Shockini will come in two versions; one from the movie The Toxic Avenger and the other based on the Box Art for the movie. Each Toxic Avenger Shockini will come in a colorful J-Card with a radiation symbol base, a barrel full of toxic waste and a mop.

Mutants and Monsters have been a constant in the world of horror and collectibles from these properties are highly saught after. Shocker Toys hopes to find a place on your shelf or workplace desk with the mini masters of chaos in Mutant Mania. By swapping parts from each creature, you’ll be able to make your own creations on the spot.

Shocker Toys will be showing Mutant Mania and a great deal of other new products at Chiller Theatre (E. Rutherford, N. J October 29-31 ) alongside legends of popular horror films. Shocker Toys will also be attending the US Toy Fair (February of 2005 booth #5922). Members of the Press are urged to contact the PR Dept for Shocker Toys at 201-913-7027 while Specialty market buyers and Mass-market buyers should contact Joseph Reiter from Southern Island LLC at 1-888-5SHOPSI for an appointment.

New York, Buffalo based Shocker Toys LLP, founded by Geoff Beckett in 2000 as a new idea maker in the toy industry. Shocker Toys will to battle toy boredom with plans for 6 inch action figures, mini busts and resin statues in the future. The company’s current roster includes Arcana Studio characters, Electrobytes characters, Shockinis and the newly acquired Toxic Avenger license for the new sub Shockini line Mutant Mania. For more information, visit:

The Shocker Toys Shockinis and new lines can be found at their distributor’s website:

Source: Shocker Toys