$40 Million Opening Weekend = Instant Sequel Progress

Sony’s The Grudge (review #1, #2) remake blasted theaters this weekend and pulled in an estimated $40 million, which already has the studio putting a sequel into high gear- will Takashi Shimuzu direct #6? Inside you’ll find the full story courtesy of Moviehole.
Moviehole.net reports:

Sony are smiling from ear to ear this weekend with “The Grudge”, a modestly budgeted horror redo, taking home a Clint-salivating $40 million dollar return over the Fri-Sun period.

By Monday morning Sony had already started talking sequel. “It was always a consideration, but now the studio is keener than ever”, says studio insider ‘MissX’. “Talks are going to begin pretty swiflty to see that they can’t get the sequel going by the new year. Depends, of course, on Sarah Michelle’s schedule”.

The studio are apparently hoping the film is a launching pad for a prospective new horror series. “That’s the plan. Grudge 1, 2, 3…and so on”, we’re told.

Source: Moviehole