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‘The Lynchfield Stops’ Webseries Launches

When there’s no more room in hell you still gotta pay the bills…

Below you’ll find the trailer for the new webseries, The Lynchfield Stops, which consists of 11 webisodes that follow the workings of a delivery driver throughout his daily stops in the zombie apocalypse.

All is well in the small town of Lynchfield. The days are boring and normal as businesses open and close. People walk the streets and shop. Everything is normal except for the not so average zombie apocalypse that hit years ago…and it wasn’t a big deal.

People die and become zombies, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the water bill. Follow our delivery driver week to week for 11 weeks as we show you the shenanigans that ensue while delivering packages in the small town of Lynchfield.

It all started on November 28th with the release of the Lynchfield teaser trailer, and each week when a new webisode is released, exclusive content will be available in relation to it on



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