Herman Munster ‘Races’ to the Shelves

Every now and then Mr. D. will send me something at my email and I will sit back and say “Darn, I really want that”. Well this is one of those times. The Munsters has to be one of the greatest shows to ever grace our televisions and no the people of Majestic Studios will be releasing a Herman Munster toy in the theme of a racer, which was the outfit he wore whenever he drove his Dragula. Inside you can find the press release and a picture of this kick arse toy!

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 26, 2004) – – When the checkered flag came down, the winner was Tower Records. Majestic Studios announced today that Tower would be the exclusive retailer for their “Racer” Herman Munster variant 12-inch collectible figure. This figure will accompany the full release of THE MUNSTERS family of figures, including Lily, Grandpa, Eddie, Marilyn and the regular Herman Munster.

“We are happy to be partnered with Tower Records on our inaugural release of THE MUNSTERS,” says Majestic Studios CEO Rick Phares. “Collectors appreciate the support and shelf space that Tower gives to collectible action figures. Tower ‘gets it’ when it comes to sci-fi, horror and fantasy.”

Majestic’s release of the figures, on the TV show’s 40th anniversary, joins a resurgence of THE MUNSTERS franchise, including the rebroadcast of the original TV shows on cable TV, a trading card set soon to be released and the recent August 27th release of THE MUNSTERS DVD Box Set from Universal Studios.

The “Racer” variant features Herman in his leather jacket, racing hat and goggles. This is the outfit he wore whenever he drove the Dragula dragster (designed by famed car customizer George Barris) on TV or in the theatrical movie, MUNSTER GO HOME (1966). In the movie, Herman inherits an English castle and a royal title, but he must defend the honor of the title by racing. He wins, of course, and grabs the giant checkered flag for a victory lap. A checkered flag is packed as an accessory for “Racer” Herman to hold.

“If you want to collect the whole Munsters family for Halloween, then Tower Records is the place you ought to go. They will have more stock on hand for each frightening family member than any other retailer,” says Phares Phrighteningly.

Source: Majestic Toys