CRAZY Ebay Auction Catches Raimi’s Eye!

This is freakin’ cool news- especially since we actually reported on this Ebay auction a LONG time ago! According to this news scoop, Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Productions is writing a film based on the legend of this so called Dibbuk Box, which caused horrific epidemics and nightmares upon it’s owners- so bad that it kep being resold on Ebay. The stories are detailed, creepy and some of the scariest SHITE I’ve ever read about. Inside you’ll find the news…[url]

The actual box!

Empire Online writes:

“In other Sam Raimi-related news, though, Ghost House Pictures, the company that he set up with fellow Evil Dead cohort Robert Tapert with the sole purpose of making horror movies galore, has announced its next project. The curiously-titled Dibbuk Box, which will be written by The Grudge remake scribe Stephen Susco, revolves around another curse that strikes a family – this time in the form of an old box containing mysterious and deadly tokens that is mysteriously purchased. Altogether now: oooooooh!

Dibbuk Box will be based on a magazine article about an ancient wooden box which contained an evil spirit, and which was brought to America by a Holocaust survivor. Naturally, the box wound up being sold on eBay, which can cause all sorts of havoc with its sale and return form. “Reason for complaint?” “Box contained evil demon type thing which killed family and rearranged items in my fridge.”

Want the full story on the box? Here’s where I followed the story as the curse moved on and on- and on!

“At our face-to-face meeting the evidence that Kevin presented to me about the store where the box was first opened, his mother’s injuries caused by the box, and the location of the estate auction where the box was purchased was over whelming to me. I visited the physical sites and was stunned. It could all be confirmed that Kevin’s information was true from start to finish as written in the original eBay listing. The events of the Dibbuk Box are indeed true, tight with no gapping holes in the facts. The next pressing issue was to find the family that created the Dibbuk Box and learn its purpose. To do this would require Kevin to trace his steps so he could locate the auctioneers to find the family and have them shed light on this mystery.”

Source: Empire Online