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[Podcast] ‘Dead Pixels’ Christmas Spectacular, In Name Only!

It’s a Dead Pixels Christmas Spectacular, if in name only!

Listen in as TJ and Adam talk about all the delicious games that have violently torn them from their lives and the people they love, including Saints Row, Red Faction, and Skyrim (what? You thought Adam was done ogling that game?)

There’s also a little teasing of their Game of the Year picks, why we need more remakes, the best games on the Sega Genesis [editor’s note: Altered Beast and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, duh], and a hate-filled rant about the new Xbox dashboard update. Oh, and TJ gives us all a Golden Shower! Merry Frakking Christmas everyone!

You’ll find the episode by reading on or searching for “Bloody Disgusting” on iTunes! Watch for new podcast episodes every weekend!



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