Paul W.S. Anderson Needs a Spanking…. ‘AvP 2’ News

Why does he think he can lie to us, there are tons of us reporters out here who know the truth- who’ve SEEN the truth. Director Paul W.S. Anderson may not be a favorite of mine, but I genuinely do like some of his flicks and it really ticks me off when these big shot directors think they are bigger than us puny humans- why do they lie? WHY?! Read on for Anderson’s bullcrap story about Alien vs Predator 2
Here’s the hilarious clip from Empire Online:

“Anderson told Empire Online that he’s said goodbye to films that feature both Aliens and Predators. “I’m not attached to any sequel. I never really made the movie with the intention of making a sequel. I wanted to do it as a stand-alone film that could hopefully succeed in its own terms, but also re-energize both franchises. So that Fox could go: ‘Well, that made a lot of money! If you want to see Predators and Aliens again let’s make a Predator 3, let’s make an Alien 5.'”

Sounds like he’s listening to the fans, but the truth- you want the truth? I don’t think you can handle the truth! On almost every single script for Alien vs Predator Paul Anderson ended with “To be continued in Alien vs Predator: Annihilation.” True story, I swear! You know what I think? I think after he married Milla Jovovich, he started thinking he was in a dream world and lost his mind…

Source: Empire Online