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TV: “Dexter” Showrunner Talks Last Night’s Season Finale, The Next Two Years And More!


Spoilers Ahead!!

I haven’t seen much “Dexter” since Season 4 wrapped up with Rita taking an eternal bath. I didn’t stop watching it intentionally, it’s just one of those things that got away from me. From what I’d been hearing, I was kind of glad to be taking the year or two off since it seemed that the show had jumped the shark. In fact, I think he show jumped the shark the moment it was born. It’s an inherently ridiculous concept and I’m amazed at the mileage they’ve gotten out of it. That being said, the first four seasons were fun and engaging but the sense that I’d gotten was that Seasons 5 and 6 failed to really bring it.

But the reveal of last night’s finale has me thinking the show could be escalating to a new level of pulpy trashiness – one that I could get into.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter showrunner Scott Buck recaps the events of the series finale and spills some beans about the show’s future. But they’re spoiler beans so beware! Hit the jump to check out a few quotes! Was it always the plan to have Deb find out this season? “Yes, from the beginning of the season, it’s not like years previous we were planning on revealing it at the end of Season 6. We knew going into this season that that it was time to finally pay that off. That that would be our big final moment.

How will Deb handle the news professionally? She’s determined as lieutenant at Miami Metro — especially with LaGuerta to answer to — to catching the DDK. “That’s part of the drama of next season. Her career means a lot to her, her profession of being a good detective and solving crimes and serving justice is extremely important to her. Now she’s seen her brother, who she potentially feels like she’s in love with, kill the big killer of the season. How she is going to handle that is all fodder for next season. It’s not something I can answer in a sentence because it’s what we’ll be dealing with next season.

Do you have an end game for the series? Do you know what a series finale will look like? “Beginning now we will be, yes. There’s a number of ways the series can end. But now that we know that most likely the series will be ending in two years we can start to work toward that specifically. There’s a number of different writers and producers on the show and over the years we’ve all sort of imagined how the show will end and now it will eventually be time to start comparing notes and seeing what the best direction is to take this show before we decide on what our final episode will be.

Hit up THR to check out the rest of the interview!



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