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[BEST & WORST ’11] Lauren Taylor’s List of the Worst Horror Films of 2011!

Bloody Disgusting 2011 Best and Worst Horror Movies

Much like the best of 2011, it was very easy to find a handful of films not worthy (and not in a “good” Wayne’s World kinda way). I was given a lot of movies this year when I first started writing – and I think in a way I was being tested – either that or there was nothing else to give. I’d like to put a positive spin on this, however, it is pretty hard to put a positive spin when a lot of these gave me such a negative reaction…

Worst Horror of 2011: Lauren Taylor

Mr. Disgusting (Best/Worst) | Ryan Daley (Best/Worst) | BC (Best/Worst) | David Harley (Best/Worst)
Micah (Best/Worst) | Lonmonster (Best/Worst) | Evan Dickson (Best/Worst) | Lauren Taylor (Best/Worst)
Posters (Best/Worst) | Trailers (Best/Worst) | Performances (Best)

5. Blood Oath (May 10; Troma)

In complete contrast to my #5 on my Best list, which was also a Troma release, I have Blood Oath on my worst. Babies, blah blah, keep the kid alive, blah blah, blood oath, blah blah, FF to the current year, blah blah, horny kids getting hacked up, blah blah, penises. Want to waste an hour and a half? Watch this film!

4. YellowBrickRoad (June 1; Bloody Disgusting Selects)

Sadly, this film did not live up to the trailer. It honestly isn’t such a bad film until you get about halfway in and you realize you aren’t heading the direction you thought you were heading. Then it falls apart. Then it tries to pull a Shining ending. Then you are devastated it was so awful.

3. Forest of the Living Dead (April 11; Independent)

When you put “of the Living Dead” in a title, you insinuate zombies. This movie has none, unless you consider Japanese ghosts zombies. It also has Michael Madsen. You know what that means. You KNOW what that means.

2. Scream 4 (April 15; Dimension)

I should just make a list of movies that I am glad I didn’t see them in the theater and waste my money on. Scream 4 perhaps had that Crystal Skull effect on people. They were so damned hyped up on seeing a sequel to a film that somehow changed them (the original Scream came out my senior year of high school, and I “connected” with the kids in it) – that you overlook just how sh*t the sequel is. Well, I didn’t get that with Scream 4 thankfully. I realized just how non-entertaining it was on the first watch.

1. The Thing (prequel) (October 14; Universal/Strike)

Wow. I don’t know where to begin. First of all, when you are making a prequel, don’t try to make the original film it is based on. Also, if that film didn’t overuse CGI, then that isn’t a cue for you to do so. In the end, please don’t make the movie. You know why? Because it’s going to suck hard. The Thing had about two minutes that held my interest and that was the credits because I knew where it was leading – and that is to one of the best films ever. John Carpenter’s The Thing.



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