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Meet the ‘Prometheus’ Space Jockey Known Simply As “The Engineer”


Only in horror is the man in a rubber suit revered as a God, which is appropriate considering the enormity of the following scoop.

With a fair spoiler warning to prelude this story, Damon Lindelof’s screenplay for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel, is said to begin when a group of humans discover a map of the universe that leads them to their creators – or “Gods”. Said Gods are the Space Jockeys as eluded to in the corpse seen in Scott’s 1979 Alien.

In Twentieth Century Fox’s Prometheus, arriving in theaters June 8, one of these Space Jockeys is referred to as “The Engineer”. While there are said to be multiple engineers, Bloody Disgusting can exclusively report that Ian Whyte will portray one of them. He will soon be referred to as our “creator” or “God”…

Whyte also worked in costume as the Predator in both Alien vs. Predator films. We’ll hopefully have more soon as there are quite a bit of interesting rumors surrounding this casting. We’ll work on confirming before we report back. Prometheus




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