Want to be Part of a Special DVD Dedicated to ‘Halloween’?

Want to be on a super special DVD dedicated to the Halloween franchise? I just received word that the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror DVD will include a ‘FANS OF HALLOWEEN’ featurette, which will be a montage of fans from ALL AROUND THE WORLD… as many faces and voices from as many parts of the world as possible… THIS MEANS YOU! Click here for entry details or read on for the press release for the actual DVD.


‘Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror’ is a documentary that chronicles the history of the ‘Halloween’ horror film series from its inception in 1978 through to the present day. For the first time, members of the cast and crew, critics and fans are brought together for the ultimate retrospective chronicling the films, their influence on popular culture, and their contribution to the horror genre.

Pulling from a variety of sources, including behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, and over fifty brand-new and unseen interviews, all eight of the films so far are covered. The films are analysed as the behind-the-scenes story is told.

Written and produced by Anthony Masi (Halloween Webmaster and Co-Chairman of the H25 Convention) and Stefan Hutchinson (Author of ‘Halloween: One Good Scare’) and directed by the latter, the film is a collaborative effort between many people involved with the franchise, including Executive Producer for the project, Malek Akkad.

Filmed over the past year, the film revisits many filming locations and includes exclusive footage from the ‘Halloween Returns To Haddonfield 25th Anniversary Convention’. ‘Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror’ promises to be the definitive study of a horror phenomenon.


(as of 30/09/04 – not inclusive and subject to change)

Directed By: Stefan Hutchinson
Produced By: Anthony Masi and Stefan Hutchinson
Written By: Anthony Masi and Stefan Hutchinson
Additional Material By: Sean Clark

Executive Producer: Malek Akkad
Co-Producer: Bret McCartney
Line Producer: Paul Swearingen
Director Of Photography: Guy Paterson
2nd Unit Direction: Guy Paterson and Will Minsky
Boom Operator: Karen Garcha
Productions Assistants: Steve Cattaruzza / Carmen Emmons / Karen Garcha
Camera Operators: Steve Cattaruzza / Karen Garcha / Stefan Hutchinson / Will Minsky / Guy Paterson / David Siwy / Deseriah Shaw
Script Supervisor: Steve Cattaruzza

Music By: Unit 12 Productions
Archive Footage Courtesy Of: Sean Clark / Daniel Farrands / Brad Hardin / Trancas International Films

Narrated By: P. J. Soles

Featuring Original Appearances By: Moustapha Akkad / Brian Andrews / Tom Atkins / Clive Barker / Larry Brand / J. C. Brandy / Heather Bowen / John Carl Buechler / Jeff Burr / Michael Cacciotti / Jennifer Cocchiara / Jason Paul Collum / Ellie Cornell / Dean Cundey / Charles Cyphers / Kim Darby / Chris Durand / Cliff Emmich / Bradford English / Dennis Etchison / John Fallon / Daniel Farrands / Paul Freeman / Gloria Gifford / Nicholas Grabowsky / Sasha Jenson / Marianne Hagan / Brad Hardin / Danielle Harris / Alan Howarth / Jonathan Johnson / Bianca Kajlich / Julie King / Kathleen Kinmont / Janice Knickrehm / Jeffrey Landman / Brad Loree / Matthew Lorentzen / David Margrave / Anthony Masi / Tom Morga / Tawny Moyer / Kim Newman / Greg Nicotero / Jodi Lyn O’Keefe / John Ottman / Josh Pennel / Nick Philips / Rick Rosenthal / Bradley Schacter / Don Shanks / Marc Shapiro / Pamela Susan Shoop / P.J. Soles / Garn Stephens / Paul Swearingen / Tommy Lee Wallace / Dick Warlock / Lance Warlock / George Wilbur / Joe Wolf / Edgar Wright / Irwin Yablans / Johnathan Yuhas / Rob Zombie

Archive Appearances From: John Carpenter / Nick Castle / Jamie Lee Curtis / Debra Hill / Donald Pleasance

Special Thanks: Peter Fielding / Ruggero Gabbai / Gary Mancini / Oliver Moira / Mike Nichols / Christi Sinkus / Steve Vitalos

Dedicated to the Memory of David Andrew Newton (29th October 1973 – 9th July 2004)

Source: Halloween Movies.com