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‘III’ Trailer Shows Tarantino Inspiration, Promises Lovecraftian Twist!

Indie filmmaker Trey Howell has released a concept trailer for his in-production slasher III that will have you drooling for more.

Details are slim, but the film is described as “a hybrid of a slasher film with a creature feature twist in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft.” TBA Productions is using practical effects to maximize a 3-D version of the movie and is filming in 2-D simultaneously.

The official website explains that III‘s story and visual aesthetic is drawn from the classic slasher and creature features from the late seventies and eighties. Rather than having female characters incarnated as bimbos running helplessly up the stairs, they have been scripted as strong female leads which fight back against their attackers; similar to films like The Descent and High Tension.

Robert Dough, Rachel Swindler, Blake Gardner, Amy Chadwell, Braxton Williams, Carri Schwab, and Ty Trumbo all star.



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