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‘Creature’ Cover Art Lifts From ‘Feast’

Estimated for release on home video March 20 is the worst movie of the year, Fred Andrews’ Creature (review), which will hit stores featuring cover art that completely rips off Dimension’s Feast poster. I’d be embarrassed as hell to have a quote on this cover box…

Andrews’ creature feature that tanked in its theatrical run last September “revolves around a group of family and friends who, en route to New Orleans, are sidetracked in the Louisiana bayou and encounter a monster named Lockjaw who is revered by the locals as a god. Brooks will play a Navy Seal back from the Middle East; Serinda Swan will play his fiancee, who is abducted to be the creature’s bride. Sid Haig will play a man named Chopper. Daniel Bernhardt will play the creature. Creature



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