Dimension Pulls Strings for ‘Doll’ Remake

Dimension Films has been making some big moves as of late- could they be listening to the horror fans? Only time will tell if they can repair the damaged image of the once reputable in horror studio. This week they acquired the remake right to a South Korean horror pic entitled Doll Master. Read on for the scoop.
Variety reports:

Dimension Films has acquired the rights to redo “Doll Master,” a South Korean horror pic directed by neophyte Jeong Yong-ki.

In an AFM deal made with Korean rights holder Cineclick Asia, Dimension inked for a remake as well as North American and Aussie distrib rights on the original.

Story concerns a bunch of dolls that take on the lives of their owners after they’re dead. Dimension acquisition execs Dede Nickerson and Michelle Krumm brought the deal in; Dimension co-prexys Brad Weston and Andrew Rona will oversee the redo.

Suh Young-joo, managing director of Cineclick Asia, said the deal was a straight purchase in perpetuity and that Cineclick will receive a cut of international gross receipts on the remake plus a bonus on its domestic performance. Overall deal was worth seven figures.

Cineclick has been busy clearing its library shelf: Tartan Films USA picked up U.S. rights to “H,” “Coast Guard,” “Samaritan Girl,” “Acacia” and “Sorum.”

Source: Variety