Who Is Nolan Funk And Why Is He In 'Riddick'? - Bloody Disgusting!

Who Is Nolan Funk And Why Is He In ‘Riddick’?

I always forget that Riddick is actually happening. But it is! David Twohy is currently directing the Vin Diesel starrer which recently resumed production after taking a two-month hiatus to deal with production cost issues.

Who is Nolan Funk? Per Variety he’s a fellow who “can be seen next in the Bold Films pic ‘Evidence’ and just wrapped the co-lead role in the ABC Family pilot “Intercept.”

Why is he in Riddick? I have no idea. Neither does Variety it seems. We know that Katee Sackhoff plays Dahl, a Nordic mercenary tracking Riddick. We also know that Jordi Malla plays Santana, a mercenary who heads up an eight-man crew tasked with finding and killing Riddick.

Maybe Funk is another guy tracking down Riddick? Or perhaps he’s an intergalactic anime karaoke star? Because he’s kind of got that Robotech pop star thing going on in the pic below.