'The Devil's Men' And 'Terror' Getting A Double Bill Release Tomorrow, 'Revenge' Also Available - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Devil’s Men’ And ‘Terror’ Getting A Double Bill Release Tomorrow, ‘Revenge’ Also Available



Old school horror aficionados should be aware that tomorrow, January 24th, Scorpion Releasing and Katarina’s Nightmare Theater will be releasing some rare treats.

First up is a the double disc of The Devil’s Men (featuring Donald Pleasance and Peter Cushing!) and Terror. The Joan Collins starter Revenge will also be available. The Devil’s Men/Terror disc ill be limited to 1700 copies. Just a heads up.

Per the press release, “In ‘The Devil’s Men’, tourists visiting a Greek archeological site are being abducted by a strange cult intent on providing their God – the Minotaur – with sacrifice. Father Raoche (Donald Pleasance) enlists the help of a former pupil and NY private detective to find out what has happened to them! Starring horror icon Peter Cushing, this film was released here in the states as ‘Land Of The Minotaur’ in an edited PG version; now watch the cult classic UNCUT for the first time in the U.S.! The film is paired off with Norman J. Warren’s ‘Terror’! Filmmaker James Garrick holds a party to screen his new movie about the violent deaths of his real-life ancestors. Three hundred years earlier, the diabolical witch, Mad Molly, placed a curse on his family after they burned her at the stake. The descendants and party-goers soon begin dying in brutally inventive fashion.

Joan Collins stars in this gripping suspense thriller ‘Revenge’. After his ten-year-old daughter is brutally attacked and murdered on her way back from school, her father (James Booth – ‘Zulu’, ‘Pray For Death’) becomes obsessed with exacting revenge upon her killer. He knows the suspect, who has just been released by the police due to lack of evidence. The father vows to force a confession out of him at all costs. But what if he has chosen the wrong man for his vengeance?!>

Scorpion Releasing doesn’t sell directly to consumers so your best bet is hitting up Amazon.

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