Hollywood Gives Me the ‘crEEEEps!’

Oh jeez these Hollywood execs are so damn predictable. After ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ ‘The Grudge’ and ‘Saw’ doing some box office damage- pretty much every movie announced carries the same premise or same genre mix, which is the case with Gregg Araki’s upcoming comedy/horror film crEEEEps! There’s nothing wrong with it, but I really wish we could continue to have original films in the works instead of cheep knockoffs. Too bad all the execs are just monkeys with a check book and have no balls to try something new. Anyways, read on for the story on ‘crEEEEps!’…
Variety reports:

“Mysterious Skin” helmer Gregg Araki will turn to the comedy-horror genre with his next pic, “crEEEEps!”

U.K.-based Renaissance Films will finance the film and is repping foreign sales. UTA reps domestic rights.

Araki also wrote the pic, which centers on kids in a Malibu beach house who must cope with unexpected visitors.

“While I hold the deepest respect for the horror genre, my own sense is that, in 2004, it’s a bit played out,” Araki said. “Same goes for the raunchy ‘American Pie’ teen sex comedy. That’s why with ‘crEEEEps!’ I sought to cross-pollinate these two venerable but exhausted genres to create something vigorous and new.”

Araki plans to put the film in production next spring.

Mary Jane Skalski will produce the film. She also produced “Mysterious Skin,” which will be released next May by Tartan Films USA and TLA Releasing.

“We’ve been looking for a horror movie for a while,” said Renaissance’s managing director Angus Finney. “So when we found a Gregg Araki film that was subversive and very original, it fit very well into our slate.”

Source: Variety