Review Madness: A Whopping 9 New Reviews Added!!

Since we were in the process of converting to Bloody-Disgusting V2.5 I didn’t feel like entering each review into the database twice, so we’ve looked like we’ve been lazy over the past two weeks. Well think again amigos, we’ve got nine new reviews for you to check out- most from this years Screamfest LA. Inside you’ll find links to all the reviews plus a couple of images from each one (the entire database is loaded with over 1400 images now). Remember, if you’ve seen the movie, you can write your review under ours!

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Newest reviews:

First we have a review for Lions Gate Film’s release of George Romero’s incredible Vampire movie Martin.

Peter Jackson fans will love to read all about the zombie film from Ireland, Dead Meat.

Love tons of blood? Love trilogy style movies? Then you’re going to love Tears of Kali, which is blood-soaked mayhem.

Not everything can be good, and this movie brought back some bad memories from when horror was at its worst- read my review for Drowning Ghost, which is being remade (boo!).

Very lackluster in horror, but a really interesting film none-the-less. From Australia is Lost Things.

One of the Pang brothers, 3-D and a Chinese ghost story? Damn what could go wrong? How about EVERYTHING- read my review for The Park.

Coming to DVD this December is Heather Graham’s craptacular Blessed. The film has one hell of a conclusion, but what you have to sit through to get it is painful.

Yeah you’ve heard a lot about The Last Horror Movie, which hits DVD in December, but is it any good? Not according to Brian, it’s disgustingly boring.

Last is a review for a film, which David Goyer is penning the remake for Spyfglass and Dreamworks. The perfect Swedish film is called The Invisible, get it on Ebay if you can.

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