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New ‘Kill List’ Mondo Poster Is Awesome, Says Too Much?

For me, one of the pleasures Ben Wheatley’s Kill List was actually paying heed to the recommendation of those who had already seen the film that I go in absolutely blind. I’m so glad I did. It’s a great film either way, but watching it unfold without seeing a trailer or even too many stills certainly elevated the experience.

Which is why – no matter how awesome this Mondo Poster for the film is – it might be a better idea to go see the movie which it comes out this Friday (February 3rd) first. Does the poster have spoilers? Not really, and certainly not in any strict sense. But it does have information you may or may not need ahead of time.

But if you want to see it now, hit the jump to take a look. It will be on sale at Mondo Tees on February 23rd for 30 bucks.



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