Don Mancini Talks About His ‘Seed’

Moviehole interviewed Don Mancini (our interview) this week where he talked about the impending release of Seed of Chucky. In the interview they talk about the possibility of another Child’s Play movie as well as the return of Andy. Check inside for part of the interview.
From Moviehole:

The many ideas for Childs Play 5

“After Seed stalled, I would periodically pitch new Chucky ideas to David Kirschner and Corey Sienega. We were just trying to light a fire under the studio, and goose them a bit, to get them to move forward with something. But none of these ideas ever went beyond the half-baked stage. One notion was to do a parody of Hannibal, centering on the sole surviving victim of Chucky, bent on revenge. Another idea was to do A Clockwork Chucky — Chucky is somehow “deprogrammed,” so that the thought of violence and swearing makes him sick. Come to think of it, I still think that idea is pretty funny. Imagine it: Chucky’s sitting in the back seat of a car parked on some lovers’ lane, while a couple of teenagers are making out in front. Chucky glances around: there’s a knife; there’s a cleaver; Chucky’s just dying to do his thing, but his hands are shaking and he
can’t even bring himself to pick up a weapon! It’s a true existential dilemma for Chucky”.

The scenes that didn’t make it.

“There was a whole sequence involving Debbie Carrington, the actress who played Thumbelina in Total Recall. Like Jennifer Tilly, Redman, and Tony Gardner, Debbie was playing herself. (In Seed, Jennifer Tilly, Oscar-nominated actress and international sex symbol, is starring in a movie about Chucky and Tiffany’s exploits.) The sequence in question involved Tiffany’s stalking Debbie on the Universal backlot. Unfortunately, we had to cut the stalking scene in order to stay on schedule; we never even shot it. We did shoot the scene which introduced Debbie and set this whole thing up, but without the payoff, the scene didn’t work. But we’ll have this establishing scene on the DVD.”

The eventual DVD?

“Commentary tracks featuring Brad, Jennifer, David Kirschner, Corey Sienega, Tony Gardner, and myself. Plus, an additional commentary track with Chucky and Tiffany. A behind-the-scenes documentary. A series of very funny, specially-shot skits featuring Chucky, Tiff, and Glen. An on-camera interview with composer Pino Donaggio. Footage of Brad, Jennifer, and Billy Boyd, recording the doll vocal tracks. By popular demand: Jennifer’s diary (her diary chronicling Bride was a big hit). Also, hopefully, Jennifer’s on-set video which originally appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A piece on the puppeteers and the wonders of animatronics. A piece on our VFX company, Stargate and how they helped us transform Romania into Hollywood. (They deserve an Academy Award for that alone.) And state-of-the-art anti-piracy technology which will give pirates a shocking surprise.”

What’s next for Don Mancini?

“I’m working on a PG-13 haunted house thriller, in the vein of Airport meets Babe, focusing on all the pets caged in the cargo hold of a 747 — dogs and cats and birds who have to set aside their natural animosity towards one another and band together to save the day when the plane is hijacked. Unfortunately, 9-11 put the brakes on that one. All these damn terrorists keep screwing up my career. But like I said, people in Hollywood have short memories.”

Childs Play 6. And the return of Andy?

“I’ll let you know next Monday, after the box office receipts for Seed are in”, he says. Any chance the possible sixth one might feature original tyke-hero Andy (played by Alex Vincent in the first two films) again? “If Alex Vincent has anything to say about it. He keeps telling me that fans want Andy back. But what would it be about? Maybe Andy could be that sole survivor, obsessed with revenge, in a Hannibal spoof. But does anybody really want to see that little brat again? (Relax, Alex — I’m talking about Andy, not you.)”.

To read the full interview, check it out here.

Source: Moviehole