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[BD Review] ‘Chronicle’ Is Frustratingly Close To Great, Misses By A Hair

Opening in theaters today is director Josh Trank’s Chronicle. The film sets out to challenge your perceptions of what exactly constitutes a superhero movie just as much as it sets out to redefine the “found footage” genre (or conceit, as some would say). While it’s not entirely successful at the latter, it pulls off the former quite well.

As far as Josh Trank is concerned, this is a hell of a debut. Chronicle is a hugely ambitious film for a first feature and I’m surprised it gets as much right as it does. He’s definitely a gifted guy who knows how to compose a shot (and a set piece) and I look forward to seeing more from him. Even though logic is totally and ridiculously out the window by the time the film hits its climax… man, what a climax. Ultimately, awesome wins out.

Ultimately, Chronicle still feels like a bit of fresh air, and you’ll likely have a blast checking it out. Click here for the review! And don’t forget to check back in after you see the film with your review here!



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