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‘Tokyo Species’ Features Japanese Porn Star Maria Ozawa

Theming the morning with Asian horror, below you’ll find the trailer for Tokyo Species, a Japanese spin on Species starring porn star Maria Ozawa. The trailer is very NSFW.

Michiko a high school girl had committed suicide, but she was resuscitated by an alien parasitism. While she brutally murdered men and spawned one after another, her friend Rika met Mayumi. Mayumi was told that she was parasitized by a gentle alien. They decided to fight Michiko.” Minami Marika, Mizuse Manami, Namiko, Kobayashi Kazunori, Kouno Tomonori, Oosako Shigeo, and Akikawa Yuri also star.

It comes from the people behind The Big Tits Dragon and Machine Girl.

Tokyo Species



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