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And On ‘Day 38’, McG Hooked Up With Syfy Films

Back in August of 2010, we told you about a project that was making its way around town called Day 38. At the time it was being described as Twister meets Cloverfield meets Predator. The film, “begins in the face of a Category 5 tornado where a group of storm chasers find themselves fighting off a force greater than Mother Nature.“.

Now, it appears that the project has been in development with McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision and they’ve struck a deal with Syfy films to get it out there with Richard Farmer directing.

Per Variety, “Syfy Films is developing “Day 38” and is in early talks with McG and Mary Viola to produce, and Richard Farmer to direct the found-footage thriller. Project, scripted by Chris Rossi and Gabe Scott, was developed in-house at McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision with Farmer — a noted commercial director whose latest campaigns include Sims, Activision and Nintendo. It’s Wonderland’s/McG’s first partnership with Syfy.

I don’t think found footage works for everything, but since Tornado Chasers are always filming sh*t anyway, they shouldn’t have too many motivation issues on this one.




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