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Bloody Disgusting Wants to Give You a Socially Transmitted Disease



We really do try to bring you the best in ALL things horror at Bloody Disgusting, but sometimes there’s just too much to fit into one website. That’s where sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and even Pinterest come in.

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We often use them post things like BD wallpapers for your computer and phone, derptastic horror memes, cool horror related products, and stories that for whatever reason just don’t make their way to our front page. There’s a whole lot you’re missing out on if you’re not following us outside of this site, read on to see where we’re active and how you can join in.
The BD Facebook page is home to tons of exclusive content, live chats (most recently with Lucky McKee), games, and almost 90k horror fans from around the globe. “Like” us and get in on the action.

If you like your news delivered in bite sized pieces and reading some occasional off topic banter, the Bloody Disgusting Twitter page is the place for you. We also post breaking news and exclusive stories before they hit the front page so you can always stay one step ahead of your friends.

Like to keep up on the latest memes and get a good laugh while being creeped out at the same time? Check out our Tumblr page which might tend to stray a bit close to the NSFW line sometimes, but we all need a little dirty in our lives.

Pinterest isn’t just for housewives anymore! On the BD Pinterest we’re just getting started pinning top stories, products, essential horror, zombie survival tips, and anything else we find interesting in the horror universe. Follow us for a new way to explore horror on the internet.

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If you still can’t get enough we’re also on Google+, Youtube, and Formspring.


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