Winners of Lions Gate Horror DVD 3-Packs Announced

Well Halloween usually rocks, but not for everyone, which is why we gave three lucky people a set of three Lions Gate Horror DVD’s that hit retailers this week. Inside you’ll find the stories about the worst Halloweens ever and see why three people won Dead End (review), Ju-on (review #1, #2) and Martin (review) all on DVD…
Lions Gate Home Entertainment’s 3 DVD pack contest winners:

Dan Kellers

My Halloween sucked the worst, I had stomach pains all day and at the Halloween party by me I shat myself in the middle of a drinking game. Everyone could smell it and when I got up it was pretty obvious who did it. Worst halloween… worst day of my life.

Shelli Weathers

On Halloween my boyfriend, two friends and I decided to go to the park to drink. While there, the cops came doing some round and caught us. They arrested us for underage drinking and being past curfue. Then, when I get home, my parents ground me for 3 months and my boyfriend dumps me because it was “my idea” to go the park- bull****!

James Lee

Check this one out- simple one sentence. I lost my virginity to this hidiously obese fat chick because I was so hammered and stoned. (what a moron, hopefully these DVDs will keep him busy)

Sorry you didn’t win anything, but these still were some ****e days…

Clayton Shaul

Why my halloween sucked – I had a halloween party all
ready to go and was checking out a fog machine to see
how everything would work and there, I guess, was a
massive electrical problem which caused a spark,
lighting my recliner on fire and then lighting my
carpet on fire, and I guess those fake spider webs are
extremely flammable because all of them burned and
melted my dvd player which held a dozen dvds of mine
inside, ready for viewing during my halloween
bash…so yeah in conclusion my halloween party
sucked, never happened, and I lost 12 great horror
dvds. So yeah I was stuck doing nothing. Next year –
no fog machine.

Kevin Sheffler

My Halloween was horrible. It was one of the most embarrassing days I’ve ever had. So, I was invited to a Halloween party by an employee from work. I thought it would be something different to do so I accepted. I knew that I needed a great costume. My choice? Nosferatu. I thought it was a fun idea. Prior to the party, I bought all the items necessary. The afternoon of Halloween came, and so I applied my materials. When I was finished, make-up and all, I looked pretty damn good. All right, so it could have been much better but hey, I liked it. At 6:00 P.M. I got into my car and drove down to the house where the party was being held. I noticed when I arrived that there weren’t any cars except for a van in the driveway. I thought to myself “Well, guess I’m the first…” I decided to wait in my car for a little bit until someone else showed. After about an hour, I was beginning to get nervous. What If I went to the wrong house? So, I got out of my car and went to the door. I knocked. No one answered. I looked through the window and saw that the lights were off. By this time it was dark. I didn’t bring a flashlight. I walked around back. Knocked on the door. No answer. So, I called the number the guy gave me at work for his house phone. The service was out of order. I decided to get into the car and go home. I live 30-40 minutes away from where this “party” was. That son of a bitch set me up. On the way home, a jackass in front of me didn’t have their break lights. Being that it was dark, It was hard to see when someone was stopping when they didn’t have breaklights. This ****er stopped suddenly and I crashed my car into their rear. Luckily I was only going 30 mph. The front of my car was beat up pretty bad. I was pissed off. It seemed as if everything was against me. The Police came and everything was sorted out, for the most part. I had my car towed and got a ride from a friend. I came home to toilet paper and egg shells all over my building. Fucking assholes. All in all, yeah, my Halloween did ****ing suck. I have to get to work by bus. To top it off, the asshole from work will always bring what happened up to embarrass me to hell.

Source: Lions Gate Home Entertainment