Lions Gate Releases Direct to Video DVD List

Lions Gate has been quite busy, taking up almost a third of our front page! Now that Lions Gate has unleashed their horror website, we’ll be even more informed about up and coming horror releases from the company that brings you your monthly horror fix- with no added perservatives. Inside you’ll find a list of a bunch of direct to video releases, including Dracula 3000

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The Jackhammer Massacre

November 23rd
Synopsis: Jack Magnus, once a successful businessman, is now so badly addicted to drugs, that he can barely function. The drug dealer wants to kill him, his boss has fired him and his family has deserted him. Drugs have forced him into a paranoid psychosis so deep he believes his dead buddy Mike is his only friend in the world. Jack also believes that the D.E.A. and other supernatural authorities are out to kill him. The only way to save himself is to get them before they get him in an all-out, blood spattering, killing spree.

Starring: Aaron Gaffey and Kyle Yaskin
Bonus Features: Director’s Commentary

Dracula 3000

December 7th
Synopsis: A salvage ship on a routine mission discovers a transporter vessel that had been reported missing 100 years earlier. When the salvage crew boards the vessel they discover 50 long black coffins. In the blackness of space where the sun never rises, the ancient curse that this mysterious cargo carries begins to eliminate the crew one by one.

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Erika Eleniak, Coolio, Tiny Lister and Udo Kier.

Serial Slayer

December 14th
Synopsis: A quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles is held hostage with terror when a serial killer armed with a crossbow begins to stalk and kill the residents from their rooftops. Hunted in their own homes, no one is safe. And as the body count begins to rise, the neighborhood mirrors a ghost town. The only safte retreat becomes a horrifying deathtrap for three women who believe they are alone until they hear the terrifying footsteps above.

Starring: Melanie Lynskey, Sheeri Rappaport and Mary Lynn Rajskub

Bonus Features: Filmmaker’s Commentary, 5.1 Dolby Digital

Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness

December 28th
Synopsis: A rash of American kidnappings sends two CIA agents to Bucharest, Romania. When the kidnapperâ’s body is found impaled on the spire of infamous Castle Orlock, the last thing they expect is for the disappearances to continue. Their investigation leads them to an evil that is darker and older than the town itself. An ancient Gargoyle, sealed for centuries in a subterranean catacomb, has escaped and is taking vengeance on the town.

Starring: Michael Pare, Sandra Hess and Kate Orsini

Source: Lions Gate Horror