‘Amityville Horror’ 30th Anniversary- Fake News Clippings

30 years ago this weekend a man by the same of Ronald De Feo slaughtered six family members in his house on one fateful night. The story was so shocking, so insane and unbelievable that it prompted a handful of movies and MGM’s upcoming remake this April entitled The Amityville Horror. Inside you’ll find a transcript from an actual call to 911 (from the movie) along with newspaper clipping and more from the actual events as they took place 30 years ago. Only this sick and twisted welcome…

It happened 30 years ago this weekend…On April 15, 2005, uncover the truth behind the horror.

The following is an edited transcript of the actual 911 call made to Suffolk County Police upon discovery of the DeFeo family murders, November 13, 1974:

911: “Suffolk County Police. May I help you?”

Man: “We have a shooting here. Uh, DeFeo.”

911: “Sir, what is your name?”

Man: “Joey Yeswit.”

911: “Okay, where are you calling from?”

Man: “Right off, uh, Ocean Avenue in Amityville.”

911: “What’s the problem, sir?”

Man: “It’s a shooting!”

911: “There’s a shooting. Anybody hurt?”

Man: “Yeah, it’s uh, uh – everybody’s dead”

911: “What do you mean everybody’s dead.”

Man: “I don’t know what happened. Kid came running in the bar. He says
everybody in the family was killed.”

911: “Hold on a second, sir.”

[An officer takes over the call.]

Officer: “Okay, tell me what’s wrong.”

Man: “I don’t know. Guy come running in the bar and said his mother and
father are shot. We ran down to his house and everybody in the house is

Officer: “Where’re you calling from? Public phone?”

Man: “No, I’m calling right from the house.”

Officer: “You’re at the house itself?”

Man: “Yeah.”

Officer: “How many bodies are there?”

Man: “I think, uh, I don’t know – uh, I think they said four.”

[They hadn’t yet found the other two bodies.]