Does Lions Gate Hate the ‘Blair Witch’ Too?

Sometimes it’s not about the money- it’s about integrity (heh). discovered that Lions Gate have apparently passed on making the Blair Witch sequel. Instead, says ‘Witch’ co-creator Ed Sanchez, the house of horror is after a sequel. Sanchez and co-creator organized an interview with the new home of the Artisan back catalogue to pitch them their idea for a film that would tell the backstory of the indie film’s titular character. Sanchez updated fans on the Haxan message board on the film’s status, which can be read inside…
From the Haxan message board:

“We met months ago (right after Dan and I wrapped THE STRAND shoot) with LION’S GATE and their take was that they weren’t interested in THE PREQUEL. They thought the treatment was good and had some great moments but they just weren’t interested in making that film. They have their reasons, which I can’t get into here, but they are interested in ANOTHER BLAIR SEQUEL. Well, really, the first BLAIR SEQUEL, since I’m not really sure where BOS falls in the Blair timeline.

We talked to them that day about why we felt THE PREQUEL is such a better idea and I even had a pretty long call a month or so back with one of the LG executives about it, but it’s not working with them. At least for now.

So we left it that we’d get back to them if we ever got a SEQUEL idea that we really felt passionate about. At least as passionate as we feel about THE PREQUEL. Hasn’t happened yet. Might happen one day. I’m still hoping that we can convince LG later on about doing THE PREQUEL.

But for now, Dan is busy editing THE STRAND and I’m working with all three of the original BLAIR WITCH producers on something that we hope to announce here very soon. I think you all are going to love this idea and we’ll keep all the exclusive scoops here at HAXAN.COM on how it’s going and **** like that.

Making another film is what’s vital to all of us at Haxan right now and that’s what we’re doing.”

Last year, Dan Myrick – the other half of the ‘Witch’ lads – told Moviehole a bit about his plans for the prequel film.

“The fact of the matter is, Ed and I have an existing deal in place to write a “Prequel Script” for Artisan, but they have yet to decide whether or not they want to exercise this deal, so we’ve put it on the back burner for now and have since moved on to other projects. Ed is tweaking his script, “White Trash” and I’m in the process of trying to set up my “Tomorrow Man” project.We’ll just have to wait and see what Artisan decides to do with the Blair franchise.”

Source: Haxan message board,