‘Seed of Chucky’ Hits Theaters- Two More Reviews

Rogue Pictures and Universal’s Seed of Chucky finally made its way to the big screen today after a nice six year rest. Was it worth the wait? I freaking loved it (my review), but did Mr Xero and our scooper Paul Nomad? Click here to read Mr Xero’s ‘Tales from the Joe Zone: The Red Carpet Premier of Seed’ or read on for another look at the film. Don’t forget to come back this weekend and write your reviews under mine and let everyone know what you thought- and how you think I’m a total idiot!
Review by scooper: Paul Nomad of Action-Figure.com:

I now pronounce 2004 as YEAR OF PUPPETS GETTING NASTY! I entered the theater for Seed of Chucky with very low expectations. I even made a crack that if the trailers before the film were better than the movie, I’d be annoyed. Hell, how can you beat previews for Hitchhiker’s guide, Ring 2 and Unleashed all in one sitting? I didn’t expect to eat my words.

Let me just say right off the bat, Seed of Chucky surpasses every Chucky movie that has come before it. I’ll even go so far as to say that it’s better than all of them combined! Seed has some excellent and believable horror effects. You don’t get long to dwell on the gore though, as the laughs come quickly after. LAUGHS?! Yell yes! Tons of them. Seed is funnier than most movies I’ve seen this year that were billed as comedies. The comedy ranges from snappy dialogue to one liners to Jennifer Tilly making fun of herself to some downright nasty moments you’ll be ashamed to admit you laughed out loud at.

Seed of Chucky has the day to day drama you would find in a TV show like, say, 7th Heaven. Ok, a bloody, overly ridiculous version of the show. This is what makes this movie almost genius. First off, it’s amazing how believable Chucky and his Bride have become. The range of facial expressions kept me amused to the very end. Secondly, Seed does not dwell on the body count, though it is impressive for two plastic little people. Seed is more about living in a world where you are seen as a freak, coming to terms with it, and then hacking it to pieces. See the dynamics? First the drama, then the inner turmoil, then the struggle, THEN the carnage.

Jennifer Tilly comes off as the greatest sport that ever lived, maximizing every opportunity she was allowed to take a shot at herself. Fans of Tilly’s finer moments in “Bound” will find some of the dialogue so funny, you won’t be able to hear lines that follow them. Redman was also given some good moments, though his screen time is not substantial. Just the image of Redman and Jennifer Tilly, as themselves, sitting down to diner, in itself is funny enough.

In short, Seed of Chucky is going to throw a lot of people into shock over how funny and inventive it is. I haven’t seen this much black comedy, pulled off so well, in one film since Heathers. Chucky and Tiffany seriously love their work and that comes across! Let me just say right now, stop watching those commercials. They don’t even come close to doing this one justice. Those of you who were, like me, getting ready to watch Chucky and Tiffany have a kid are in for a HUGE and pleasant surprise. Seed is going to be a word of mouth must see for horror and comedy fans alike. Looking for a horror movie that’s worth your 9 bucks? This is it.



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