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Image Entertainment Airs ‘Episode 50’

Over the course of three years, a television crew of paranormal inspectors disproved 49 cases of supernatural contact. Soon they will be the ones refuted… On April 17th Image Entertainment invites you to join the hunt with Episode 50, a said to be terrifying and manic thriller coming to DVD.

‘Episode 50’ follows two rival television crews of supernatural experts: one team of skeptics looking to discredit myths about the paranormal and another team of strong believers seeking to prove their existence. Teaming up for the first time for a special episode, the crews gets far more than they bargained for when they make contact with a spirit of tremendous power and must band together to stop it before it destroys them all.

Directed by Joe and Tess Smalley and starring Josh Folan, Natalie Wetta, Eleanor Wilson and Justin Brutico, Episode 50 is said to keep you at the edge of your seat until the credits roll. Episode 50



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