Why We’ll Never See a ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Sequel…

Scared you didn’t I? We all know that there are no plans for a sequel to New Line Cinema’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the reason why? It should be pretty obvious, but if you don’t know read on for the answer and more on the prequel due in theaters next Halloween…
Now Playing Magazine talked to ‘TCM’ and ‘Amityville’s’ producer Andrew Form:

“It is a prequel,” confirms Form. “Hopefully Halloween next year it will be released?that’s our date. We’re going to go backwards, obviously, a couple of years, trying to answer [questions about the character]. That one’s happening fast. Faster than I thought.”

Fuller points out that a sequel was not part of the original Chainsaw plan at Platinum Dunes.

“We certainly put ourselves in a box when we cut off Leatherface’s arm at the end of that movie,” the producer says. “There was no talk of ever doing another Chainsaw movie.”

Which brings us back to that $80 million? and the notion of a prequel.

“I hate saying this, but we knew we couldn’t do a sequel,” says Form. “We cut [Leatherface’s] arm off. We killed Lee Ermey, who is one of the favorite characters in the movie [as the evil sheriff]. We wanted to bring some people back and we also thought that a lot of people who saw the movie always wondered why [Leatherface] used a chainsaw, and no one really explained it. He just does it. And we kind of tried to explain a little bit in our version why he wears a mask, but we’re going to, I think, really show you how the mask originated and stuff like that [in the next film].”

While the first film’s star, Jessica Biel, almost certainly won’t be back for the prequel, the producers do hope to bring back other castmembers.

“Hopefully, yeah,” says Form about the possibility of Ermey’s return. “We haven’t talked to anybody, but I think the hope is to try to bring a bunch of people back. It would be nice.”

Source: Now Playing Magazine