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[BD Review] ‘Gone’ Is The Worst Major Release I Have Seen In My Adult Life


Summit Entertainment ‘s Gone hits theaters today. I’m urging you not to go.

Every single character is such a vacant red herring without any semblance of human logic or emotion that I almost felt myself sliding into uncanny valley. Watching ‘Gone’ is like watching the world’s dumbest person play the world’s worst RPG side mission… it just chooses to be lazy. It chooses to be boring and bad. With so much in its corner you would think it could provide at least one single entertaining moment, but it willfully declines. And that is unforgivable. It chooses to take your money without the effort or intent of living up to its end of the bargain.

Directed by Heitor Dhalia, and also starring Emily Wickersham, Wes Bentley, Jennifer Carpenter, Erin Carufel, Sebastian Stan, and Socratis Otto, “the thriller revolves around a young woman named Jill (Seyfried) who returns home from her night shift to find her sister’s bed empty. She’s convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two years before has come back to finish the job. But the police do not believe Jill, who knows time is running out. With no one to turn to, she sets off to find her sister and face her abductor once and for all.

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