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[Toys] Meet A Burly Ash In Previously Unannounced ‘Evil Dead 2’ Figure!

Evil Dead 2 Ash NECA

We missed something this “Ash” Wednesday when NECA took to Twitter to reveal an unannounced, previously top-secret action figure from the forthcoming Evil Dead 2 line.

Apparently, the toy company has been hard at work on a “Sepia tone” Ash chainsaw figurine. He rocks his trusty “boomstick”, chainsaw and streak of white hair (oh, the horror!). He comes standing on a pretty sweet base, too.

NECA didn’t reveal the release date for the figure, so it’s unclear if it will be a series 1 or 2 varient. Either way it’s a must-have. We teased series 2 out of Toy Fair earlier this month, with full details on the soon-to-be-released series 1 here. Evil Dead 2 Ash NECA Comic Con



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