On Tour with the ‘True Crime & Warped Minds Tour’

The East coast tour of True Crime & Warped Minds came to an end the other day and we’ve got exclusive coverage from the tour from day one- until the very end. Inside you’ll find Amy Bugbee’s full report with links to stories, clips, diaries and tons more. Check back here for more in the coming days…
True Crime & Warped Minds: The Aftershock

This report follows the exploits of the ‘True Crime & Warped Minds’ Tour, it set out upon the East Coast starting on October 27th 2004. The tour included Shane Bugbee, host of ‘Three Ring Radio’ (http://www.threeringradio.com), serial killer publisher, author, and first amendment defender (http://www.evilnow.com), with his wife Amy, partner in crime and founder of whoreofhorror.com (http://www.whoreofhorror.com), tons of promotions from the docu-drama ‘H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer (review) (http://hhholmesthefilm.com), and Joe Hiles true crime expert and founder of Serial Killer Central (http://www.skcentral.com).

The tour also featured several special guests including artist and writer Doug Mesner, Jaden Murphy witness in the “Vampire Cult” killings in 1996, and Mathew Roberts the alleged son of Charles Manson.
Some of this report is from the actual diary entries of Amy Bugbee, the rest has been recounted after the fact.

- For an audio report by Shane Bugbee, download Three Ring Radio report HERE

- For Joe Hiles Report click HERE

Part 1

Day 1 – Oct. 27, 2004
A Rocky Start

Going on an hour of sleep after a ten hour fiasco getting the rental van, frantic errands, and a mad assembly line of product creation and assembling I was off to do laundry at my mom’s house while Shane went to pick up John across town. Unbeknown to me, a worried call had come in from Doug Mesner, who was flying down to Louisville from Detroit to join us for the first 2 dates of the tour. Apparently, a t-shirt he’d designed had raised quite a stir from the secret service. The shirt said “ASSASSINATION …OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS” and featured a illustration of George Bush Junior with– let’s just call it a “Loose Spot” on his head. Some friends of his wore the shirts to a John Kerry rally where they were detained for hours, and then given “replacement” shirts to wear home.

After the call, Shane was loading up the van with merchandise (in his usual cloud of smoke), when two men in dark suits showed up at the back door, they had some questions about this Doug Mesner fellow and what Shane’s involvement was with the questionable shirt.

Once satisfied they let him get on with his errands, but by the time John was picked up, all the way across town, and we finally got it all together, we were running hours behind. The Louisville show started at 7:30 pm and from our house it was at least 4 hours, plus we still had to pick Joe Hiles up in Ohio.

A few weeks earlier Shane told me Joe was “just off the highway”, so I did little more than glance at Joe’s emailed directions before printing them off and putting them in my folder of important stuff for the tour. Looking at it just before we drove away, I realized that though Joe WAS right off THE highway, it wasn’t THE highway we were taking to Louisville, and it was, infact nearly to Columbus, and about two hours out of the way– each way! Too late to make alternative arrangements to have him meet us at the venue or at least in Cincinnati we bit the bullet and roared down the road from Chicago to Louisville, with a detour into Sabina, Ohio– or as the sign says, “The Eden of Ohio”.

On the way down we made plenty of jokes about what kind of torture we might put Joe through for making us pick him up – We discussed the “Bitch Bag”, “the Butter Fist”, and a “Blanket Party”! In the end, we were running so late we never had the time for any of them, so we made him drive the rest of the way to Louisville.

Louisville, KY

Seven o’clock came and went and we are still on the road. Owen is freaking out, he has called at least 5 times. As a first-time promoter we understand his worry, but he has Doug and Jaden there, and he can show the movie. Shane reassured him that all was well. Doug will open the show and play the H.H. Holmes film, Jaden Murphy is there ready to do some blood sucking from a willing assistant he has brought along, and we should certainly be there very soon. According to the sign last sign 46 miles to go…

We finally screeched to a stop at the front door of Expo 5 just as Doug announced to the crowd that he had nothing more to say. (We found out later, this was after Doug had gone so far as to use the microphone as an extension of his penis in an effort to **** some fellow in the ear).

The guys were out of the van and inside in seconds, John took the stage, and Shane prepared to show his two short films. One featured rare footage of the Columbine killer’s student films and featured a short segment of their bloopers, the other was a brief film fittingly titled ‘Ass Stab’, which is exactly what the name says– actual video footage of a guy getting stabbed in his own apartment by a male prostitute he’d brought home. The shocking footage was caught on tape by the victim who apparently enjoyed secretly video taping his sexual escapades, and it was used in court to convict the perpetrator to an 8 year sentence for, of all things, armed robbery! The victim had hoped to cash in on the film by selling it as “gay porn”, but he had little success, and ended up selling it to Shane for $20.

A decent sized crowd turned out for the event, which had been featured in the local papers and on FOX News. But, the tension at the venue was thick, certainly everyone in the audience could feel it, and that may have attributed to the silence that followed each movie and guest, no applause at all, no questions, nothing! It was the oddest thing, yet once Shane invited everyone to walk around and look at all of the artifacts, most people seemed to relax, and everybody I spoke to was very nice and full of questions.

I can only imagine what had gone on before we got there to make an entire audience so ill at ease, even given the subject matter. (I should explain here that the promoters of this first event, Owen Leitsch (http://www.necrosculptures.com) and Abby Brimstone (http://www.bewitchingbrimstone.com) were friends who had stayed at our house before, and having met two friendly, happy people a few months earlier, their tension, stress, and anger at us was more than evident even behind their pasted on smiles.)

Of course the night still had it’s high points, famed artist Jeff Gaither (http://www.gaithergraphics.com) honored us with his presence, and one of Shane’s longtime customers showed up packing a pistol in search of a missing mail order (sensing the danger early –in the form of threats and an emailed link to a newspaper article about his recent murder acquittal– this in mind, we made sure we brought his box along in an effort to prevent any undue bloodshed), and I traded the sweetest looking boy for copies of his zine ‘Serial Killer’. Jaden Murphy turned out to be the biggest surprise of the night, knowing little more than he was a vampire, I was surprised to meet such a smart, down-to-earth, family man, instead of the flaky goth guy I’d imagined.

The evening wound down with a stop at Denny’s for some mediocre food and conversation. In an attempt to lighten the mood, I made a joke about not getting the deli tray on our rider (promoter humor) this met with further glares from our host and hostess, and ended with separate checks all around — so much for Southern Hospitality!

(Words of Wisdom: Being a promoter is a thankless job, I’ve seen it first hand. It takes a special kind of person to be a good promoter, if you are nice, and honest, and want to have friends, then it ain’t for you!)

John loaded up on coffee and drove the first leg of our 617 mile drive to Baltimore….

Baltimore MD
October 28th, 2004

After stops for gas and bathrooms (including the only A++ gas station bathroom of the whole trip), and a forced break due to zero visibility fog in the mountains, we landed at Reptilian Records home of Chris X, Baltimore’s answer to Anton LaVey, in mid-afternoon. Not only is Reptilian (http://www.reptilianrecords.com) one of the best record stores in the entire USA, but Chris X does an awesome radio show on Radio Free Satan (http://www.radiofreesatan.com), and his house is a real life museum!

We were honored to tour his collection which was a total sensory overload, and included jarred foetus’, a coffin, dozens of skulls, albums of photos from his trips to visit H.R. Giger, and a chair designed by the world renown artist. It was great to see it, and hang out, Baltimore was a really cool place. We also got to see Atomic Books which is one of the nation’s longest lasting underground bookstores, and I got to meet Kevin Slaughter, whom Shane helped get into publishing some years before ( I remember he used to call an order books from us when we were first married, now he publishes his own). Shane is always proud to see those he has influenced succeed, so I knew he was pleased. While at Reptilian, one of the Ramones, I think his name was Dave, helped me find a nice cheap motel (Best Motel = A) — with rollaway beds, and I got to replace my lost C.O.C. CD, Animosity – Woo hoo!

The event itself was really nice, Chris X moved it to the Charm City Art Space (http://www.ccspace.org) instead of his store. The space was small but had lots of couches and chairs for everyone to sit and enjoy the movies. The crowd was smaller than Louisville, but everyone enjoyed the movies — laughing, asking questions, and making comments. At the end everyone clapped, we sold a few items, and had some yummie sandwiches from an all night deli. After our visit to Chris X’s ‘Home of Horrors,’ we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

Here’s some press for the show.

Late at night—
Back at the hotel and ready for bed, with 2 double beds and 2 rollaways in here this place looks like a semi-sterile flophouse! Doug says Joe sleeps naked so he won’t get in his bed, John wants to have a slumber party next to Doug, but he wouldn’t fit, so Doug has crammed his rollaway bed by the door — I hope there isn’t a fire! Tomorrow we drive Doug to the Newark airport, and then it’s on to Chiller!!!! Always sad to see Doug go– what with all those one eye jokes and his own sarcastic remarks, he is a lot of fun!
Hopefully, he’s not on the “No Fly” list.

In my head–
…They must be so intelligent, to know so much more than me.

I wanna take the President, chop off his head , and mail it to them in a garbage bag!
Hinkley had a vision…
The Cruci****s 1984

NEXT: On to New Jersey’s World Famous Chiller Theatre
I went to Chiller to see Elvira, Lorenzo Lamas, Daisy Duke, the cop from the crow, and I never saw any of them! But, I still had a blast! (Quick Facts: Chiller is THE Horror convention and overall celebration in America, it has gone on for two decades and people from all over the world attend every year. It’s held every Halloween weekend in New Jersey, currently at a Sheraton Hotel near the Meadowlands Stadium.) I heard some of the usual “..it’s not like it used to be” grumblings that come along with any event, but it being my first time there it was like a magic kingdom of horror!
See their website here.

Order the I Don’t Wanna Die’ DVD here

Source: Evil Now, Three Ring Radio